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Saturday, August 24, 2013

How to Stop / Remove Symptoms of Browser hijacker / Redirection Virus

Symptoms of

Do you have problem? Let’s see what this stubborn virus will do to your computer:

1. It pretends to be a legitimate search engine and takes over your homepages;

2. It redirects users’ searching web sites and stops users to get their intended searching results;

3. It cannot be found from Control Panel;

4. It gives me a large amount of useless information, most of them are commercial advertisements;

5. Maybe you can reset your browser, but is comes back in a short time;

6. All the browsers will be affected.

Screenshot of Description can be classified as a browser hijacker virus which has attack numerous computers all around the word, especially USA, UK, Canada and Australia. Once infected, it takes control of your homepage, replacing your original homepages by All your browsers including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, will be infected. pretends itself as a legitimate search engine and displays various advertisements to users each time it pops up, luring you to click on those ads and increase the Internet traffic by doing so. Users cannot get their search results because it can redirect the search results of users from any web pages.

The reason why browser hijacker virus is so powerful is that it will install its toolbar to the browsers. In this way, it can be activated each time users open their browsers. It also changes the default browser setting such as homepages, search engines and DNS settings of the browsers. Malicious files are installed so that it can install in your computer. Another is it can monitor users online activities and record users searching histories, cookies and keywords. Therefore, users’ personal data such as bank account or email passwords will be revealed to hackers for illegal purpose. To protect your computer system and your personal information, you are strongly suggested to remove as soon as possible completely from your computer.

How to Remove Manually?

To manually get rid of browser virus, it’s to end processes, unregister DLL files, search and uninstall all other files and registry entries. Follow the removal guide below to start.

1: Stop running processes in Windows Task Manager first.

( Methods to open Task Manager: Press CTRL+ALT+DEL or CTRL+SHIFT+ESC or Press the Start button->click on the Run option->Type in taskmgr and press OK.)

2: Open Control Panel in Start menu and search for Folder Options. When you’re in Folder Options window, please click on its View tab, tick Show hidden files and folders and non-tick Hide protected operating system files (Recommended) and then press OK.

3: Go to the Registry Editor and remove all registry entries listed here:

(Steps: Hit Win+R keys and then type regedit in Run box to search)

HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\random
HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run |Regedit32

4: All associated files listed below need to be removed:


5: Clear your internet history records, internet temp files and cookies.

Note: be careful when you remove those files and registry entries because if you removed them mistakenly, your computer would get further damaged. If you need help from experts, please contact professional experts online 24/7.

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