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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

What is Ping.exe Virus? How to Remove Malicious Process?

What is Ping.exe virus? Ping is an internal command within Windows, it normally resides in the c:\windows\system32 directory and is used to test connectivity from the system. Ping.exe virus runs the false SVCHost.exe process that is going to spend all the CPU resources of your computer; even it can take 100%. Some people try to remove Ping.exe but they still see ping.exe in the task manager running high. Even though they tried to delete it and clear the recycle bin, this annoying process seems to stick on the system and further causes problems. How to remove Ping.exe related virus? Read the details instructions here: Completely Remove Ping.exe Virus, Manually Uninstall Ping.exe With SVCHost.exe

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