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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

What is Google-analytics Redirect Virus - Removal Guide For Pop-up Ads

A closer look at Google-analytics redirect virus

Do you know what google-analytics redirect virus is? Google-analytics redirect virus is bundled with malware/virus which can redirect the site you visit straight to an advertisement, or open new tabs that loads some advertisements via There is apparently some kind of virus that is causing Google and Yahoo (also Bing) search result links to be redirected to unrelated sites or spam sites. However, the malicious redirect virus site always makes it look like it is from the legit page from Google or other reputation website. For example, what we talk about here redirect issue, while people may easily confuse it with pages from Google, such as, or Therefore, we advise you take a careful look at the malicious link that has cause the redirect issue.

The Google-analytics redirect issue is a common and severe security risk that many victim computer users have tried to look for effective removal guide. Relevant queries from users may include:

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google redirect virus bleeping computer
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google analytics redirect page
google analytics redirect uri
google analytics redirect referrer
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If you are encountering redirect issue and get annoyed by the popping up advertisements, please refer to the Google-analytics removal guide here ( You will gain very good suggestion on how to terminate the Google-analytics redirect issue.

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  1. Thanks for this post. It’s very well written and clearly elaborated. Yes those pop up ads are not only annoying but riddled with viruses. Thanks again on telling us how to remove them