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Friday, February 14, 2014

Trojan.WinLNK.Runner.ea Virus Removal Guide

Trojan.WinLNK.Runner.ea is a dangerous Trojan virus which sneaks into your computer without your notice. It can be spread in many ways, such as spam email attachments or hacked web sites. Trojan.WinLNK.Runner.ea Trojan is able to open backdoors on target system to inject other infections and viruses to compromised computer, and connects the infected computer to a remote server, helping hackers and cyber criminals taking control of your computer. Personal information including files, photos or financial numbers may be revealed to hackers in this way. Users need to remove Trojan.WinLNK.Runner.ea virus as soon as you can to protect your computer and your private information. Here we provide the manual removal guide, in case your anti-virus cannot work it out.

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