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Friday, May 3, 2013

How To Get Rid of Strongvault Online Backup - Manual Removal Guide

Complaints about Strongvault Online Backup from Users

I was first introduced to Strongvault via a PDFlite download. To my surprise I received much more than expected. One being Strongvault! I tried uninstalling it, and three other programs, but to no avail! It was like groundhog day!! I was certain that I had really screwed up because I could not uninstall the program.

I have it on my laptop too! I found a folder with the strongvault app inside but it wont let me delete the folder it without "confirming operation" in a pop up so i didn't. And when i try to uninstall the program it tries to gain access so i denied it and so it didn't uninstall. I don't know what to do, strongvault's been popping up since last month.

I am having the same problem on my computer. I never tried to install or download this product. I have found modules on my computer in my User folder. I deleted them but the message still comes up to install this product when I press CNTL E. It acts more like a virus than a legitimate product. How do I keep this thing off my computer or get it off my computer?

Strongvault Online Backup Description

Strongvault or Strongvault online backup is an online backup software that can help computer users take a secure backup to your computer. It has its own official site and declares itself as the pioneer leader in backup industry.

Yes, we cannot prove that Strongvault online backup is a rogue virus, though there are many complains and reports have been generated from computer users. In some case, computer will slow down its speed when Strongvault online backup is installed. But in most of the case, no real problem displays until you try to delete it.  After running the uninstall there continue to be myriad alerts and blockages of program function that are apparently left over from Strong Vault and the cache it formed still exists. Some user may come across the problem that pop-ups display constantly asking if they want to install Strongvault online backup. In fact, Strongvault online backup has already been installed in your computer before asking whether you want it.

How Can Strongvault Online Backup Get Into My Computer?

Strongvault Online Backup can come into your computer with many other software. That means, if you download a certain program from the Internet, Strongvault Online Backup may install into your computer at the same time because it is bundled with that program. But when you uninstall that program, Strongvault Online Backup is still there in your computer, and whatever way you try, it will not be uninstalled. If you are in such a situation and don’t have efficient expert skills to uninstall it, this post may give you a help.

How to Remove Strongvault Online Backup - Manual Removal Guide


Solution One:

Step 1: open Control Panel from Start menu, choose Add/remove program. Unstall Strongvault Online Backup when you see it in the program list.

Step 2: after uninstall it from Control Panel, restat your computer and check if it is done.

Solution Two:

Step 1: navigate and delete all the files associated with Strongvault Online Backup.

%UserProfile%\Desktop\Strong Vault.lnk
%UserProfile%\Start Menu\Programs\http://www_getwindowinfo/\
C:\Users\Alex\AppData\Local\Strongvault Online

Step 2: open Registry Editor and delete all the registry entries realated to Strongvault Online Backup.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Run\random.exe"
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\CurrentVersion\Run\”MSN” = “%Temp%\34542.exe”

Note: the second solution needs expert skills to figure out files and entries. If you need help from professional experts, you can contact 24/7 professional online tech support here.

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